My Story

Hello and Welcome to my Scentsy Story!  I am Amanda Milliron and I hope I will become your Independent Scentsy Consultant!    I grew up and still live in Ferndale Michigan, although I travel anywhere a hostess needs me!      I have two wonderful children 12 & 3 and an amazing stepson who is 13. We enjoy family game nights, and being outdoors whenever we can.  We enjoy getting away from the city and heading up north to spend time with our families on the lake or in the cabin. Our oldest two children are active in scouts, and sports.    When I get free time I love photography, photo editing, crocheting, movies, music, writing and reading.   I started selling Scentsy in February 2011. I have LOVED every minute of it! I decided to start selling because my fiancĂ© (the main bread winner) had been in a bad car accident and broke his C5 & C6 in his neck. I was working, but wanted to be able to bring more in and hopefully he would be able to stay home and heal the way he needed to.   I am happy to say that he is completely healed and back to work. I however could never think of giving up Scentsy now. My long term goal with Scentsy is to quite my full time job and only work Scentsy. I would love to be able to stay home with my 2 year old son and see him through school as I didn’t get to do it with my daughter.    Do you need extra money just to pay that one bill a month? Want to take your family on a vacation? Would like to do a debt free Christmas? Need tax write offs? Want those shoes you’ve been eyeing for the last month? Whatever your reason for wanting the extra money, you won’t be disappointed by starting your own business with Scentsy!    Do you know a group, school, church, sports team, etc. that is looking for something to do as a fundraiser?   Contact me and I would love to help!!!   I love to do home and basket parties and am always looking for a hostess!   If one of your guests books a party off of yours they earn rewards and you get a 1/2 off item at their party!!   I also offer a frequent shopper card contact me for more information!   JOIN my Scentsy team, to enjoy the perks of working from home and getting your products for FREE!!!   **Want to make your money back for your start up kit before even signing up?   Contact me!   Contact me for more information.   Amanda Milliron 248-515-3291<!--endbody-->